Abused Horses – How to Recognize Equine Abuse

According to the Animal Institute Welfare, the number of Equine slaughter in the year 2016 was around 23, 221 in the United States, Canada and Mexico alone; the worse recorded number was 166, 572 horses in 2012. These are the number of horses slaughtered for human consumption, and a lot of these horses come from slaughter houses where they are treated inhumanely.

How to recognize abused horses?

horse abuseIf you’re a horse lover, at some point you might have visited a barn where there are horses that are too skinny and look exhausted and unfed or horses that are being treated abusively by their owners. These and so much more are all signs of equine animal abuse.

Abuse can come in many forms, such as neglect, harsh treatment or abandonment. For you to spot the forms of animal abuse, you have to know the basics of animal care. This basic care also applies to equine animals. Check whether they are physically fit, well-groomed and are paid attention to.

Sometimes, equine abuse can manifest in their behavior. They may become apprehensive when it comes to human contact. When they are deprived of food, shelter, and care, animals tend to manifest this behaviorally or physically. Always remember that animals understand and often respond to how their owners are treating them.

How Can You Help?

horses in the usaThe law provides for protection of animal abuse. Whether they are neglected, abandoned or being subjected to harsh treatment, you can always call your local police officers, authorities or animal control to be of assistance when you see signs of distress.

Familiarize yourself with the signs of horse abuse, as it can come in many forms. Once you report this sort of abuse, make sure that you are also not violating laws such as trespassing. Put yourself in a position of help rather than causing further damage to the problem.

The owner of these abused animals, if found guilty of equine abuse may face penalties or jail time depending on which state you are residing in or which state these horses are found. In some cases, the horses may be removed from the properties and sent to the rehabilitation of proper care.

Should I report abuse?

abused horses
The plight of abused horses in the USA.

If you encounter stray horses without any site of the owner call 911 immediately, as this may be a sign of abandonment and leaving them as is may cause even more harm to the animal, as they may be prone to road injuries or may end up in the wrong hands.

You may also help by making a complaint, and this can also be done by getting evidence, such as pictures and videos of the sighted animal cruelty, you can write an affidavit stating the abuse you saw and attach the media file as proof. Be sure to write the name and address of the owner or of where you saw this animal violence.

It takes only one phone call to help a distressed animal. At some point, that phone call may lie in your hands to save an animal’s life. Report any form of abuse you see and make sure action is taken to prevent it from happening again.

What do you classify as abuse?